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C# 6.0 : Null conditional Operator (?.)

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Problem : Say we have an Employee class with EmpID, Name & PhoneNo properties.

 internal class Employee
 public int EmpID { get; set; }
 public string Name { get; set; }
 public string PhoneNo { get; set; }

Now if we want to print PhoneNo, we need to have a null check for the employee object as well as for PhoneNo property.

if (employeeObject != null && employeeObject.PhoneNo != null)

To avoid these checks C# 6.0 introduces a new operator called Null conditional (?.) operator.

Also known as Elvis operator.

The code is now much simpler with C# 6.0

WriteLine(employee?.PhoneNo ?? "No Phone Number available");

Oh man!!! This will surely reduce lots of null checks statements.

Also, the ?. operator makes working with Events much simpler.

For C# version < 6.0:

if (OnPhoneNoChanged != null)
 OnPhoneNoChanged(this, e);

C# 6.0, makes it simpler

OnPhoneNoChanged?.Invoke(this, e);

Let me know your thoughts.


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One thought on “C# 6.0 : Null conditional Operator (?.)

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